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On Cloud

What is Cloud?

Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage (cloud storage) and computing power, without direct active management by the user. Large clouds often have functions distributed over multiple locations, each location being a data center. Cloud computing relies on sharing of resources to achieve coherence and typically using a “pay-as-you-go” model which can help in reducing capital expenses but may also lead to unexpected operating expenses for unaware users.

  • Your data is stored on someone else’s Server
  • Dependent on Good Internet Connection


Base Price
Support & professional service, data security, data backup
INR 499/moINR 999/moINR 1499/mo
Each Active Employee PriceINR 10/moINR 15/moINR 20/mo
HR Management
Central repository of all employee information, , employee document management, employee grievance management with expiry alerts, employee education history, past employment history, employee assets management, employee grievance management, HR reports and dashboards
Leave Management
Leave opening, leave application, leave balance
Assets Management
Assets stock-in, issue to employee, receive from employee
Payroll Management
Setup salary structure, upload attendance records, upload variable earnings/deduction, upload TDS, 100% statutory compliance, process payroll, salary register, payroll reconciliation, EFT file for Bank, email salary slips to employee
Advance Management
Advance application, automatic monthly deduction from salary, advance outstanding
Expense Claim Management
Expense claim application, add claim amount to salary, pay expense by voucher
Overtime Management
Set overtime rates, upload overtime hours through excel, auto calculate overtime amount and add to salary
Employee Self-Service with Workflow Management
Leave request, advance request, expense claim request, personal details amendments request, download own documents, check leave balance, check advance outstanding, download salary slip, download HR policy
Attendance System
Push attendance records to SwiftHR database from bio-metric database along with other features.
INR 5/emp/moINR 5/emp/moINR 5/emp/mo
SSL Data SecurityYesYesYes
Daily Data BackupYesYesYes
Online Training SessionYes
(2 days)
(3 days)
(5 days)
Online Support
WhatsApp, Email, Phone Calls, Skype
Flexible Working HoursFlexible Working HoursFlexible Working Hours


How to subscribe once free trial expires?

When you sign up for free trial, you get access to SwiftHR system with full features. We will not charge anything during the 30 days trial period. We will intimate you via email before your trial expires. Also our sales executive will contact you to activate your account based on agreement and transferred the payment.

What is the billing cycle?

There are quarterly and yearly billing cycles available in advance. You can choose yearly billing cycle to save one month subscription charge.

Is there any long-term commitments?

No. One of the biggest benefits of cloud software is that you can discontinue using the product whenever you want. There are no long term commitments or the need for large, upfront capital investment.

Are there any cancellation fees?

SwiftHR is a monthly subscription service. You can cancel, upgrade, or downgrade your plan at any time. When you cancel, we’ll automatically close your account and permanently delete all of your data.

What types of payment do you accept?

We currently accept payments through Online Bank Transfer and Cheques. Bank details is to be shared in prior to payment.

Any other hidden charges I should be aware of?

No Hidden charges. In case of any customization specific to your company requirement charges will apply and you will be informed well in advance.

What are the post-sales support you provide?

Support is available 24X7. Support can be reached on email, phone, Skype, WhatsApp, Team Viewer, Anydesk and other online remote assistance tools.

How Secure is SwiftHR?

Our multi-tenancy architecture ensures complete isolation of customer data from other customers to avoid data leakage. Strong user access and password policies are enforced to ensure that your data is safe. All communications between your browser and the server are encrypted with high grade 256-key SSL encryption.

Want to see a demo?

If you want to see a demo of the software please contact us to have your slot booked.