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Let us explore the features of SwiftHR one-by-one

HR Management

Employee Records

Manage Employee Personal, Professional, Academic etc, information in a centralized database.

Document Management

Manage Employee and Company Documents, get alerts for Document expiry.

Leave Management

Manage Leave Entitlement for Employees and keep track of Leaves taken.

Asset Tracking

Track and Manage Assets inventory. Define unlimited Assets and Issue/Receive Assets for Employees.

Rewards & Recognition

Define Employee milestones and manage Rewards & Recognition process.

Air Ticket Management

Manage Ticket Entitlements for expat Employees. Do bookings and check balances.

Payroll Management

Define Payroll Heads

Define unlimited Earning and Deduction Heads.

Advance/Loan Management

Manage Employee Advance/Loans. View Loan History reports.

Expense Claim

Manage Various Expense Claims done by Employees. Create unlimited Expense Heads.

Fixed Salary

Define Employee Fixed Salary, manage Increment details.

Variable Pay

Manage Variable Earning/Deductions that will be considered in specific month Payrolls.

Payroll Process

Do Payroll Process individual Employee-wise or a One-touch Payroll. Payroll also has an approval process.

Final Settlement

Calculate End-of-Service Benefits and Full & Final Settlements,.

Email Pay Slips

Send PDF format of the Pay slips to the Employees after the Payroll is finalized and Transferred to Bank.

WPS and Bank Files

Generate various Bank Files as well as WPS formats.

Employee Self-Service

Leave Request

Employees can request for their Leaves and check approval status.

Advance/Loan Request

Employees can request for their Advance/Loans and check approval status.

Expense Claim

Employees can apply for their Expense Claims and check approval status.

View Pay Slips

Employees can view and download their own Pay slips.

Create Support Tickets

Complaints & Grievance Management module allows Employees to post complaints and track status.

Access HR Policy

Employees can view HR Policies and download related documents.

Additional Features

Attendance Integration

Integrate with Biometric Device to manage Attendance records right from the HRMS.

ERP Integration

Generate Payroll JV and post it to your existing ERP Software.

Mobile App

Mobile Apps also available for iOS and Android Devices which includes Self-Service functionalities,

Want to see a demo?

If you want to see a demo of the software please contact us to have your slot booked.