Hosting Model

(On Premise/On Cloud)

The tried and tested traditional approach to software deployment and management. SwiftHR is installed and operated from a client’s in-house server and computing infrastructure, utilizing an organization’s native computing resources and requires only a licensed copy of SwiftHR.

  • Control: Companies that deploy this model have control over all of their systems and data and, perhaps the peace of mind that comes from knowing that critical business infrastructure resides in-house.  Ideal for sensitive business data
  • Strategic Data Security: internal audit and governance of data. keeps your business data close to the source. You don't need to worry about data leaks, security threats, and other data security problems
  • Dedicated IT Staff for maintenance; support and custom disaster recovery plans
  • Easy deployment of& GLOBAL HR scripts to keep up with new features and functionality

SaaS Model

(On SwiftHR Cloud)

On Cloud is a progressive software deployment approach where the application software for human resource management is hosted on the Cloud and clients use a web browser to access the application. This ensures customer can set-up own application without having to go any complexity.

  • No capital cost. Just an affordable monthly fee
  • No server required
  • Easy setup
  • Customised Dashboard
  • Productivity & profits for company
  • No maintenance IT staff