SwiftHR is a comprehensive human resource and payroll management solution. Its Modular structure allows maximum flexibility and customization and you can implement only the functionality required by your organization. SwiftHR streamlines human resource management by capturing data at the point of entry, applying your business rules and automating transaction processing. Accurate and timely data is the foundation to powerful reporting and analysis in SwiftHR. With SwiftHR, organizations have access to the information they need at any time to ensure and experience to respond quickly to changing business requirements. Together, they deliver the benefits of a sophisticated, fully integrated and powerful HCM solution.

HCM Software integrates HR management and information technology, thus helping in planning and execution of automating HR processes. It was necessary to manage, administer and minimize these costs, and reduce the complexity of people and compensation management

SwiftHR Core modules

HR Management

A complete range of HR software solutions, all integrated, to meet your HR management requirements. Supports Multiple Companies, Multiple Locations, Employee Self Service, and much more.

Payroll Management

A compensation software designed for enterprises with simple to complex payroll needs, closely integrated with attendance to automate payroll processing. Customizable, flexible, yet easy to use solution that solves all your payroll issues.

Employee/Manager Self-Service

The Online Self Service allows your employees to stay connected with HR and Managers. Apply for leaves, view payslips, regularize attendance and do much more. SwiftHR supports Smartphones, Tablets and iPad.

Time & Attendance

Universal time attendance software designed for real-time, editable and customizable attendance management. Seamlessly integrated with payroll software. Supports multiple Time Attendance & Access Control Devices.

Performance Management

Manage Employee performance using customizable feedback forms. Get bonus reports or post bonus directly.

Recruitment Management

Recruitment modules are available from Job posting to Employee appointment, which can also be connected to the Company website.

Mobile App for ESS

Mobile Apps are available for Android, iOS, and Windows 10/Mobile platforms. Users can access Self-Service, messaging, and records attendance using the App.

ERP Integration

We are integration-ready for a wide range of ERP Softwares. Also, it can be integrated with any other custom-built ERP systems.

Key Features

Agency configuration

Central repository of all
employee information


Unlimited Allowance/Deduction


Employee Document Management
and Expiry Tracking / Alerts 

Fully secured
user control

Dashboard give a summary of task required immediate action

Configuration for Leave Rules, Indemnity Rules, Overtime Rules etc. 

Integration of any time attendance system automate the time sheet management

Employee Leave Management and automated leave salary processing

Employee Air ticket Management and automated leave salary processing

Tracking of Assets issued to employees and linking with Indemnity calculation

Employee Grievance Management

Automation of Employee Separation (Resignation / Termination / Transfer)

Automated End of Service Benefits Calculation - Indemnity, leave salary, travel fare, notice period, pending salaries, assets, pending loan balance

Generate eFile for various Bank

Wage Protection System (WPS) complaint with Ministry of Labour, UAE/KSA 

Automated provision calculation for Indemnity, Leave Salary and Air Ticket

Month End processing will help the organization for a better control for payroll accounting

Real time Integration with other business applications, including leading ERPs

Real time Integration with any Attendance Device 

Output reports to other file formats such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, PDF

Allows maximum flexibility and customization


HR Management

  • Employee Management
  • Leave Management
  • Air Ticket Management
  • Training Management
  • Letter Management
  • Asset Tracking

Payroll Management

  • Payroll Setup
  • Loan/Advance Management
  • Expense Claim Management
  • Upload Temporary Allowance
  • Upload Temporary Deduction
  • Upload Monthly Overtime
  • Upload Offline Attendance
  • Multi-Projects Assignment
  • Process Monthly Payroll
  • Edit Monthly Payroll
  • Lock Payroll
  • Distribute Salary Slip via Email
  • Leave Settlement
  • End of Service Benefits Calculation


  • Leave Request
  • Loan/Advance Request
  • Air Ticket Request
  • Expense Claim Request
  • Travel Expense Request
  • Letter Request
  • Training Request
  • Letter Request
  • Profile Change Request

Time & Attendance

  • Shift and Duty Roaster
  • Pull Attendance from Bio-metric
  • Process Attendance Data
  • Auto Calculate Less Hours
  • Auto Calculate Overtime Hours
  • Auto Detect Absenteeism
  • Impact to Monthly Payroll

Administration &
Control Management

  • Create and Configure Agency
  • Configure Leave Rules
  • Configure Indemnity Rules
  • Configure Overtime Rules
  • Configure GOSI
  • Configure Workflow for ESS
  • Configure Email for Notification
  • Configure User Access