Diamond Gemological Laboratory

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The biggest challenge arises out of its core business model of having its workforce spread out across the country. The mobile workforce needs to be monitored and provided resources to be able to function well. To be able to manage the workforce in terms of something as basic their Time and Attendance, was tiring task for Diamond Gemological Laboratory (DGL).

Also, DGL had automated solutions that were operating in silos and were not integrated. This caused manual input of data and updating of data into each of the individual modules. For example, the data existing in Leave Management System had to be updated manually for Payroll processing purposes and this hindered productivity and efficiency. Biometric systems used to capture attendance of employees did not send data to other modules. The absence of all modules on the same platform caused data redundancy and in turn, wastage of time and effort from HR professionals.


  • Cost-effective and integrated product
  • Flexibility to choose modules
  • Cloud platform with the ability to offer mobility
  • Customized Employee reports with customer specific search capabilities such as work location based search


Mr. Naveen Sharma from DGL says, “The ability and the ease of exchange of data and documents with on-field employees brings speed in working and enables mangers to monitor their subordinates.”


DGL has implemented several of the modules from GLOBAL HR successfully yet and the phase wise implementation has reaped great results for them. Data conversion was initially a challenge and caused minor hiccups but with the help of the implementation team at GLOBAL HR, the minor problems were ironed out, and the joinery has been smooth ever since.