Globesols Technology Services

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At Globesols, the growth of the company has been fast ever since its inception. To manage the growth, and the HR responsibilities, GLOBAL HR was implemented. With manual discharge of duty, the company faced challenges on multiple fronts:

  • Time: The time put in to get the work done was immense. Attendance and leave management had to be manually with lesser resources left for other HR initiatives.
  • Human Error: The labour involved and the possibility of human error allows for an opportunity of hassle.
  • Cost: The cost of manpower for manual execution of payroll and Attendance and Leave Management is high.
  • Flexibility: There was a lack of flexibility in terms of the functions available.


With implementation of GLOBAL HR the company got benefits like:

  • Lead time for Form 16 reduced from 7-8 days to 2 days
  • Transparency of information
  • Productivity of employees increased
  • Leave and attendance record time has decreased since nothing is done offline
  • Secured and convenient application powered by Employee Self-Service with Single Sign-On capability
  • Customized and automatic reports and applications with user friendly and intuitive interfaces
  • One central repository of the employees records for all the departments/individuals, that leads to much better control of resources by the management
  • Saving in paper and time by more than 50%
  • Payroll Process more streamlined with better coordination between HR and Finance teams