About us

What if you could run a business without having to worry about all the administrative work behind, well, running a business?

We launched the answer to that question on January 12, 2016, by a group of talented and experienced IT professionals with HR knowledge. SwiftHR: every business system integrated together and fully automated. No more worrying about payroll updates, leave management, end of service benefits calculation. Everything just works. Our success is a testament to our belief that executives and employees want to focus on their business, not paperwork.

SwiftHR specializes in the development and provisioning of Human Capital Management (HCM) to both public/private organizations and also the government sector. SwiftHR's comprehensive HRIS addresses the latest statutory and legislative requirements and helps organizations implement best practices in HR functions.


Combine HCM world class solutions with localized functionalities to meet country -specific needs.


Provide HCM turnkey solutions that ensure organizations enjoy accurate, timely and complete HR information with low total cost of ownership.